This will make translating InDesign files child's play

Do you work with InDesign to create catalogues, flyers and brochures?

Great software that gives you or your graphic designer countless opportunities to create high-quality marketing tools. But, when it comes to the translation, this format causes serious problems for some. Probably, your translator or your translation agency has told you that this program is not ideal for translating in and that the translation of the texts must be copied by hand from Microsoft Word. Even worse, you have provided the agency with a PDF, the PDF has been converted to Word for translation, and you get back a destroyed and almost unusable document that you must restore with some difficulty and a lot of work.

Translating In-Design files is a lot easier and less stressful if you follow this instruction. Both for you and the translator.


How does it work?

1. Provide files

Make sure your InDesign document is properly formatted to avoid later translation problems. Create a package with the INDD file, a PDF, images and fonts for your translation agency (this is stored individually in InDesign). Since these files are usually very large and difficult to email, our customers have an own Service Page where they can easily upload files up to 500MB. If you have already translated similar documents or have a company glossary, do not forget to include these.

2. Prepare and translate

Our translation software converts the files sent to us, so that we can count the words and repetitions and make you an offer. You can rest assured that our translators work in a translation management software with your existing wording, glossary and reference texts. Moreover, you still benefit from the normal discounts for word repetitions.

3. Extract documents

After translation and subsequent proofread by a second translator, the files are extracted from the translation management software. The software exports an InDD, an IDML and a PDF file. Thus, the translator can finally review the document without owning or handling any InDesign software.



4. Delivery of files and final formatting

Then you can continue working with the InDesign or idml file. If the translation leads to small layout problems, because the translated text might be a little bit longer, they can either be edited by you, the graphic designer you trust or directly by us.

5. Done!

With no extra additional work you'll instantly have a ready-made catalogue, booklet, or flyer in all the languages ​​you want for you to present to your client.

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