The Sneezy Season Has Begun

by Eric Fendley

The sneezy season 2017 has begun: more and more of our course participants can be seen visibly suffering from colds, flus and other unwanted ailments. And, as every year, this condition will probably persist for the next 3 months – well into the new year.

It is the season of coughing into hands, of wiping runny noses and the inadvertent high-speed spraying of viruses into rooms because the sneeze came faster than its owner could react.

The viruses are having a heyday, whereas the sufferers are simply…suffering.

And the poor old Lexis Languages English language trainer goes from company to company, room to room, participant to participant, their poor little bodies being bombarded by these evil little viruses – and there is nowhere to hide! In the nicely heated, warm and cosy conference rooms provided for language lessons, there is simply nowhere to go to avoid these monsters (the viruses, of course).

It is for this reason that we would politely like to remind you that it might be a better idea, if you are knowingly ill and have used your hands for catching the said beasts, to take a week off learning English and enjoy doing something else other than infecting the trainer and/or other participants.

For this, we would be eternally grateful.

Thanks… and get well soon

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