10 good reasons why you should choose us as your translation agency…

by Eric Fendley

  1. Competitive prices: our prices are very competitive because of lean organisational structure and a cost-effective business strategy
  2. Your own online service page: you will receive a complimentary online service page from us that will allow you to upload enquiries, monitor the status of jobs and to download the finished translations to your desktop without any bother.
  3. All file types: we can work with all standard file types, so whether HTML, PDF, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Office or other document types, we can translate your documents for you.
  4. Key languages: our huge network of translators allows us to translate into all main business languages.  So, no matter whether English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Turkish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Czech, Lithuanian, Finnish, Dutch, we can support you.
  5. Translation memory (TM): we create, administer and store a translation memory for all your work and for each of your language combinations. In this way we can capture previously translated text segments, which in turn lower the price you pay and increase the language continuity.
  6. Term banks (TB): we are able to import your corporate glossary into our system which enables us to use the words that you have defined when describing your business, product and services.
  7. Quality of service: our unique selling point is the high quality of service that you will receive from us. The service page, a dedicated project manager (PM) who is able to be reached during working hours, and the high speed in translation return will convince you that we are the reliable partner to support your translation needs.
  8. Quality of translation: all translations are proofread by qualified and experienced proof-readers before going to the customers, thus achieving the maximum in quality assurance.
  9. Time Zones: we utilize the international time zones to your benefit. So, whilst you are sleeping in Putney, our translator in California is busy getting your translation done. When you go to work the next day, your translated document is complete and waiting for download in your service page.
  10. Flexible invoicing: you can choose between monthly invoicing or individual invoicing – whatever makes your life easier.

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