Crossing borders with your website

If you are marketing your products or services internationally, a good starting point is the localisation of your website into those languages used in the target market.

International websites allow greater and easier access to your products and services for those living and working in that area. It is important that the website is not only translated, but also localised in the following ways:

  • Texts must be translated and localised so that the language used is typical of the target market.
  • Web interfaces  like metatags, link-texts und ALT tags should be adapted for easier use (resulting in more sales!).
  • Adapting graphics is also part of the localisation process.

What is the localisation process for website translation?

Basically, it works like this:

  • Depending on the CMS that you are using, a file is exported (probably using a translation management plugin or CMS feature)
  • This file is imported into our CAT tool system.
  • After accepting our offer, we then translate the file into the target language (including all texts, interfaces etc.)
  • This is exported out of our CAT system and provided to you
  • You (or probably your IT department) then import the content into the target site.

IT support

We are happy to take over all the IT work for you, leaving you time to do other things. Simply ask for a quote.

Lexis Languages can transform your web presence into a multilingual website, leaving you in the knowledge that your products and services are being best marketed – wherever that market may be.

We can translate the following files

Source document Software localisation formats
Adobe Framemaker™ (.MIF)+B13B1A2:B9 .NET resource files (.RESX)
Adobe InCopy™ HTML (.HTML, .HMT, .SHT), including HTML5
Adobe InDesign™  Java properties
Adobe InDesign™ Markup Language (.IDML) JSON
Adobe PDF files (.PDF) Multilingual XML formats (XML, using xPath)
Adobe PhotoShop™ (.PSD) Multilingual Excel/CSV formats (CSV, TSV, XLS, XLSX)
AuthorIT (.XML) PO Gettext files (.PO)
DITA (.DITA, .XML) Regex text filter
FreeMind mind maps (.MM) XML
HTML (.HTML, .HMT, .SHT), including HTML5 YAML
Microsoft Word™ 2003 (.DOC, .RTF, .BAK, .DOT)  
Microsoft Word™ 2007-2013 (.DOCX) Website CMS translations:
Microsoft Excel™ 2003 (.XLS, .XML, .XLT) Wordpress
Microsoft Excel™ 2007-2013 (.XLSX, .XLSM) Drupal
Microsoft PowerPoint™ 2003 (.PPT, .PPS, .POT) Contao
Microsoft PowerPoint™ 2007-2013 (.PPTX, .PPSX, .POTX, .SLDX) Typo 3
Microsoft Visio™ (.VDX)  
MS Help™ Workshop (.HHC, .HHK)  
OpenDocument text documents (.ODT, .ODF)  
Plain text (.TXT, .INF, .INI, .REG)  
Rich Text Format™ (.RTF, two-column .RTF)  
Scalable Vector Graphics (.SVG)  
TMX filter  
Typo3 pages (.XML)  
XML (.XML) and SGML (.SGML) files