Translation Pricing

Simply submit your document to us here and you will receive the offer within a day.

Pricing a translation is a complex process if you do not have specialist software. Our software analyses your texts for repetitions and previously translated text elements.

We calculate a price index of €0,13 per word for translation including proofreading for all common European business languages.

You will get the following discounts:

  • Word repetitions:  repetitions are heavily discounted – so in practice you will pay less than €0.13 per word.
  • Word matches: the more you have previously translated, the more content your translation memory will have. This content is considered in your translation and is heavily discounted – so, again, you will pay less than €0.13.
  • Glossary content: we give you a discount of 70% on all vocabulary listed in your corporate glossary, so it is worth creating one - for more information on the power of company glossaries, go to 'OurDictionary'.