"How did we translate that word in the past?"

OurDictionary is a term bank or glossary that stores your own corporate terminology instead of you having to look for translations for terms on the internet.

You create a terminology knowledge base that has the added value of empowering your staff with the terminology chosen by your company in a dictionary suited to your company’s corporate image.

Using OurDictionary, international corporations can control the language used for the products and services. It is an ideal way of increasing the professionalism of your translated documentation. It also provides your translation services with a glossary that will not only increase the quality of your translations, it will also lead to substantial discounts.

While others are spending precious time searching the internet or browsing through previously translated marketing documents to find the right translations, you will have found the right terminology within seconds - stored in OurDictionary®, your very own corporate term base!

OurDictionary Explained

OurDictionary® :

  • Stores your official company terminology
  • Stores the official translations for this terminology in unlimited languages
  • Gives this terminology to your employees in the form of a company dictionary, no matter where they are in the world
  • Provides your translators with downloadable CSV version of the glossary that they can upload into their CAT tool (MemoQ, Trados etc.) thus decreasing the price of future translations
  • Allows your Marketing Team to store product names, descriptions, slogans and other small texts
  • Allows your QM-Team begin the difficult process of 'Terminology Management'
  • Enables your Human Resources department the chance to store terminology for training purposes
  • And much more...

OurDictionary® offers:

  • Secure login
  • Unlimited storage volume for vocabulary
  • Unlimited number of languages
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited number of categories
  • Customisable to your corporate identity: Your colours and your logo!

Your employees will benefit:

You will not waste time searching for what might be the right word - OurDictionary® will provide you with translations previously specified by your company in the selected languages

OurDictionary® is available for mobile phones, tablets and computers

Your company will benefit:

As a company, you take control of the language used to describe your products and services

There are significant time savings, e.g. in the administration of catalogue translations and / or international marketing texts and newsletters

Added value when creating a corporate glossary: ​​it can be used to create internal dictionaries for domestic and foreign employees

Your translations will benefit:

Translators can export selected languages ​​and import them as a company glossary into their CAT tool

This will reduce research effort and turnaround time

And your translation service provider is able to always use the right term for your company

Your marketing will benefit:

Your marketing department can control and improve the continuity and terminology management of your company

Since short text segments can also be integrated, you save a considerable amount of time and money! Because now translations such as catalogue entries, slogans and promotion phrases can be secured quickly and are always retrievable.


Your company will save in the long run:

As pre-translated words are significantly discounted by translators (at least that's how it should be), you will quickly recoup the cost of OurDictionary®

And it is safe!

OurDictionary® can only be accessed by administrator-approved login

On request, OurDictionary® can also be installed on your own web server - again with access restricted to users who have been granted access by the administrator.

Full professional support for your translation needs

Lexis Languages ​​offers professional all-round translation support for all users of OurDictionary®