Lexis Languages Virtual Classroom (LLVC)

by Marina Kiel

Lexis Languages Virtual Classroom

VC, not WC

“What on earth are you doing hanging around the toilet cubicle, Thorsten?”

“I’m waiting for my Lexis Languages English trainer, of course!” says our intrepid hero.

“Why that?”, say I.

“I was told to be in in the VC at 11:15, but no one turned up.”

“We really must do the alphabet again” I sigh. “Our VC is our new Virtual Classroom, not the Water Closet, Thorsten.”

Thorsten’s eyes roll upwards, and he breathes out a deep sigh of frustration. “I am sure you said VC?”

“I did, Thorsten. Now, can I use the toilet please?”


Our answer to the escalating Corona situation in Germany was immediate. On the weekend of the 14-15 March 2020 three amigos from Lexis (Eric, Nick & Cho) worked through to establish our new Virtual Classroom (VC), allowing our customers to continue to receive the personal tuition they wish.

The Virtual Classroom allows us to video conference and to work with lesson material online which the participants can download if they wish.

We are able to break down into smaller working groups and come together afterwards to present the results of that work; we can hand over the presenter role to participants, allowing them to take the lead; we can chat, private chat, video, talk and exchange files – everything needed for a good interactive lesson.

No installation is necessary – you only need a browser (best practise = Google Chrome) with audio and microphone, and you are logged in within seconds via our iLexis online learning platform site.

Trainer and participants can work from absolutely anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection. And just to top it all, you can access from a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

In a world that has literally turned on its head in the last weeks, we at Lexis Languages are hoping to keep a little bit of normality alive. All thanks to 2020 technology and a bit of hard work by us.




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