by Eric Fendley

Fancy winning this year's Lexis Languages 'Come Fly With Us' tandem parachute jump?

If you are interested in winning a tandem parachute jump in Damme this year, all you have to do is as follows:

  1. Translate the folowing text in italics
  2. Submit it to us by the 31 March 2018
  3. We will assess all the submitted translations and choose the winner
  4. If you are the winner, we will arrange a date and present you with your prize.
  5. All you have to do is get in contact with Fallschirmsport Damme... and JUMP!
  6. We will be there to congratulate you with a glass of champagne after you have landed.

And, here's the text...

"Wie schon im letzten Jahr wird der Gewinner unseres Übersetzungswettbewerbs für seine beinahe schon olympische Leistung, aus dieser deutschen Verschachtelung ein wohlklingendes Meisterwerk der englischen Sprache anzufertigen, unter stürmisches Verhältnissen in gewagter Höhe aus einem Flugzeug geworfen, um sicher und wohlbehalten auf der Erde zu landen."

Rules of Play

Let's keep this very simple - there are only 5 rules that you have to comply with:

  1. You must not be a translator or interpreter - these professions are excluded from this competition
  2. You must not use a translation machine  for your submission - we know the results of these and any similarity will lead to disqualification
  3. The deadline for submitting your translation: 31.March 2018
  4. We are only the competition organizer and purchaser of a tandem parachute ticket that serves as a prize for that competition. All matters related to parachuting, training, safety & liability are covered by Fallschirmsport Damme.
  5. WE reserve the right to use the event for marketing purposes

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