A Trip to Edinburgh with Dralon

von Eric Fendley

The journey started very early on the morning of the 19th of April, at 5.30 am to be exact, when everyone jumped into a very cramped VW taxi van which then departed to Amsterdam Schiphol airport. Processing at the airport was swift, and in a jiffy the group was sitting in an EasyJet plane racing high above the North Sea towards the Scottish capital city.

As usual, the weather gods were good to us and the sun shone the whole of our stay, so – in true Emsland style, the group decided to start the trip by visiting a local pub, which certainly filled the gap nicely whilst waiting for the hotel check-in. The Guinness in Edinburgh is luckily just as tasty as in Dublin, last year’s destination!

Surprisingly, there was more or less no interest shown by anyone in the pub or the city for the televised coverage of the royal wedding which was enjoying splendid solitude in the pub background, being ignored by all and sundry until the arrival of our ladies who then took a place right in front of the box for some time.

The next 4 days took us on a picnic half way up Arthur’s Seat, on bus tours of the city, trips to the excellent free museums the city has to offer, to all kinds of eateries and drinkeries, to the fantastic Edinburgh castle, on walks of the city learning all about Edinburgh and its links to Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, lunchtime snoozes in the Mound park, shopping in the New Town, beers at the Hard Rock Café, sauce-throwing trips to Nandos followed by an afternoon in the local laundrette ☹ and many, many more acts of frivolity.

Nearly top marks for the Ibis hotel we stayed in, spoiled a bit by the queue for the morning coffee machine which was long  enough to be extremely maddening. 2 coffee machines for hundreds of coffee-drinking European guests show that the infamous Scottish thrift is sometimes not a shrewd idea. And there were no bread rolls, making Stefan’s hotel stay even less perfect.


All in all a good trip, even if the journey back started to get a little frustrating at the airport (‘the same procedure as every year, Miss Sophie’) and we are sure that the next trip (to Wales??) will be just as good, if not better!